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About Us

Lokatur is the first company to develop AI-powered, three-dimensional wireless triangulation with the ability to track users and devices from random motion, nearby mesh networks.. Unlike inertial locator systems that loose accuracy over time, we provide accurate and constant location in real-time based on an industry-vetted 3D triangulation approach. Lokatur’s previous technological breakthrough’s have been changing the landscape of wireless locating when we published our first solution using a four-sensor array in EE Times.  We have been featured by VMI's CES 2018 "Best of the Best Innovator" awards in the CES 2018 show. Our triangulation technology is protected with US Patent 10,123,297 which issued on November 6, 2018.


Lokatur's patented technology uses machine learning to overcome multi-path and wireless interference issues in order to  provide the 3D coordinates of a wireless device. By moving in a fixed, simple pattern one time with a mobile phone or with a sensor array that interfaces to our phone, we eliminate the need for arrays. The location of many nearby wireless devices are then displayed in a 3D rendered, GIS-enabled environment with coordinates of each device relative to the user of the mobile device. The applications include emergency response to wireless tags in buildings, finding wireless fitness devices, BT headsets, near field radar for vehicle location, auto-navigation of drones, AR tags of wireless devices on video displays, VR headsets, animal tracking and many others. Our "WalkInASquare" app allows you to find the x, y and z coordinates of nearby Bluetooth devices (even if they are on different floors of the building you are in) by walking in an imaginary square on one floor  - no other hardware besides your phone is required.

Real-Time 3D Locating Services

From drone navigation, keychain trackers, VR/AR and defense applications, Lokatur  brings a more efficient way of tracking to the market place. By using 4 sensors in a plane along with advanced physics and mathematics, the solutions of the x, y and z coordinates of the source as well as its power output (which in turn eliminates the need to calibrate the system) can be determined even if the the source is not in the same plane of the sensors or within the periphery of the sensors. This allows a small compact array of 4 sensors to see any point source of radiation in any direction and at any distance, limited only to the sensitivity of the sensors. This is an economy of scale in improvement over current tracking solutions.

From a wireless tag on your inventory to your missing key chain, we are the  solution that gives you the exact location of all of your items without requiring GPS or an excessive number of sensors. We provide you with a 3D rendering of your item with it's exact location displayed relative to you, with instructions on how to get there.


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