This is our Walk-In-A-Square app that finds the x, y and z coordinates of nearby Bluetooth devices



  • Our wireless (XBEE) array sensor that interfaces to a mobile app and renders nearby wireless devices on a 3D image relative to the array. This is particularly useful for geomapping of buildings, where a user can place the coordinates of an area in the building relative to an origin in the building by pressing a button at each location that needs to be cataloged. Our approach has a much higher accuracy than the 30 feet of typical GPS tracking systems, ranging from 5 inches to no more than 2 feet for most applications. In addition to our mobile application for triangulating with four beacons, we also have an application that triangulates your sources based on motion. Use our array as a vehicle radar - most vehicles will have Bluetooth or WiFi on board and our array can alert your phone when another vehicle is too close. Also, check out our demo videos  (video1, video2 and video3) and our apps on the Google Play Store
  •  Lokatur has patented the "WalkInASquare" app which allows you to find the x, y and z coordinates of nearby Bluetooth devices (even if they are on different floors of the building your in) by walking in an imaginary square on one floor  - no other hardware besides your phone is required. 
  • Lokatur's low-frequency 3D triangulation products provide precision and accuracy below 1 mm resolution
  • Lokatur has developed a more efficient way of generating gamma rays (which in some cases, does not require a power source) and that is fully solid-state and can be be used in applications for medical imaging and triangulating high-energy sources. This ground-breaking technology is now patent-pending. See white paper here.

Phone Location Relative to Beacon Array